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1. Order procedures:
Browse our company online products or ask us to send more from our company’s catalogs and fell free to choose the products that you want to purchase then email us about the detail of your order such as: code of items, quantity, your requested shipping method, destination port...We will respond by email as soon as possible, to give you a pro-formal invoice and notice you about price, payment and estmated production time.

One you ready to place your order, we need 50% deposit of your total order, in order to process the order. Payment could be paid by T/T in US$ transfer to our account.

We will give you regular status report, quality control, and ensure delivery times are met. Arrange freight forwarding and oversea packing and loading of cargo. With a comment of local language and culture, we help you to overcome some of the frustrations and delays associated with foreign buying. 

We will inform you when your order is finished and ready to be shipped. Then we need you to complete the final payment. We will send you copies of all documents including: Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of origin (C/O), Bill of lading( B/L)... and other related documents if needed to be confirmed and send to you after the payment transferred, otherwise we will keep in touch until the order arrives safety.   

   If you have not found what you are looking for in our website or our online catalogs, please contact us with a description of the items you desire (photo if possible) and we will provide you with all available information accordingly.

2. Payment: 

For easy and save the payment, we suggest transfer money by bank T/T to our company's account in the bank. We will send to you the detail of our account into your email or pro-formal invoice. The first, you need to pay 50 % of total amount for deposite to confirm the order and then upper your order finished you must pay the rest. 

Make sure pay the transfer fee when sending the money as otherwise we want to receive the full amount in our account. Also please make sure to confirm payment by email so we know that the money is on its way and we know who sent it, when it arrives.

3. Shipping information:  

Shipment could be arranged through both air and sea freight CARGO, even DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT as requested.

"Sea Cargo " - Two alternatives are possible:  
*FCL (Full Container Load), That means that buyer will pay for a fix price for a 20 or 40 foot container whatever he will put inside. He can ship the goods whenever he wants, and like that synchronize whit he production schedule.  
*LCL (Less than Container Load), That means that the buyer cannot fill a full container, in this case, the shipping company charge per cubic meter. The container will only be shipped, when the container will be full, with other cargo’s customers.

"Air Cargo":  
Cargo shipment - If the products has a high value, light weight and small size, and if you has to be fast, Air cargo is a good solution. The buyer will pay per kgs or per volumetric kgs. (Depend which one is the heaviest).   

" Fast shipment " - If your shipment is very urgent (samples for example), you can use some express courier services like DHL, TNT, Fedex or UPS... This is the fastest way to ship goods, door-to-door, but is quite expensive.  

4. Time production: 

Normally, our standard production time per container is three months. For order less than containers, the standard production time is about one month maximum. This depends on the items ordered, the quantity ordered, the date...

5. Taxes: 

Every country imposes its own VAT and duties and other administrative fees. Customer are encouraged to contact their local customs bureau to inquire about possible import taxes. Our company is not responsible for duties or taxes charged by the local government.

6. Quality assurance:     

All the items will similar with the sample. Insurance is available as request of the buyer depending on shipping terms. You are responsible for all charge if any damaged or detective of any item without insurance need to be replaced. All wrong items ware shipped will be replaced free of charge.

7. sample: 

The buyer will be responsible for sample charge and its shipping  fee when set up the first order (minimum: 100 items/sets/product code/order).

From second order: Sample cost will be free of charge for the buyers upon request and this free only apply for: wholesalers, importers and resellers...

The maximum number of samples is one for each kind of product and will be sending by express service: DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS...


When the first deposit is made, no cancellation is possible

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