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  Shipment could be arranged through both air and sea freight CARGO, even DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT as requested.

"Sea Cargo" - Two alternatives are possible:

   *FCL (Full Container Load), That means that buyer will pay for a fix price for a 20 or 40 foot container whatever he will put inside. He can ship the goods whenever he wants, and like that synchronize whit he production schedule. 

   *LCL (Less than Container Load), That means that the buyer cannot fill a full container, in this case, the shipping company charge per cubic meter. The container will only be shipped, when the container will be full, with other cargo’s customers.

"Air Cargo":

   *Cargo shipment - If the products has a high value, light weight and small size, and if you has to be fast, Air cargo is a good solution. The buyer will pay per kgs or per volumetric kgs. (Depend which one is the heaviest).   

" Fast shipment "- If your shipment is very urgent (samples for example), you can use some express courier services like DHL, TNT, Fedex or UPS... This is the fastest way to ship goods, door-to-door, but is quiet expensive.

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